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Our projects are defined by the value obtained from the convergence of health care with other industry segments to drive innovative sustainable charitable solutions for those in need.  We believe that every industry has innovative business models that can be cross-leveraged to health care, and that it is at this unique intersection of ideas that will help drive sustainable innovation and progress in health care.

All project submissions must clearly indicate how it plans to leverage the core business principles from differing industries to generate sustainable philanthropic impact in health care. Each selected project is hand-picked by a group of esteemed and experienced advisors from submissions received by philanthropreneurs.

See below for examples of projects with converging industry business principles.

Global Voices of Health has currently launched 2 project initiatives: (1) The Wapozi Project (Virtues) and (2) The Tipping Voice.  Please read below for additional information or to learn how you can get involved.

Have a project idea?  Email to submit your ideas.



  • The Wapozi Project (“The Virtues”)

    [ Health Care + Media/Journalism + Education ]
    “Wapozi” in swahili means “those who cure, heal”.  The Wapozi project is created to document and showcase – through print, film, and internet media – the global efforts of those seeking to heal and cure the underprivileged while providing a sustainable means of raising funds to continue their noble missions.
    Our health system – both nationally and globally – is plagued with uncertainties and disheartening stories in which many individuals are not as privileged as you and I in the care we receive. We, as a nation, tend to focus on the negative outlook of our health care system instilling a universal atmosphere of disparity and frustration. Its time to change that negative sentiment and focus on the positive – the hope and inspiration that many medical NGOs are instilling in hundreds of people worldwide.
    The Wapozi Project (“Virtues”) initiative is created to accomplish four core objectives: (1) to capture the spirit and virtues of health by showcasing ‘never-before-heard’ medical stories from around the world that inspire, (2) share these stories for the world to witness, (3) recognize the philanthropic efforts of the individuals and NGOs who make medical miracles a reality, and (4) donate the proceeds from sales of the media (print and film) products to the respective organizations to continue their philanthropic medical missions.

    Through the sales of the documentary journal and film series, a significant portion of the profits will be donated to the respective health institutions and providers that helped make each story a reality.  The Virtues journal series will encompass a compilation of images and stories of everyday people from countries around the world who have witnessed the possibilities of hope, overcome insurmountable difficulties, and who can instill a sense of inspiration to all others.  The compilation of voices will be broken down in to a series of journals designed to be focused on a different virtue of health – such as hope, survival, perseverance, compassion, courage, unity, and patience, among others.

    Currently this project is in its planning stages and could use your help.  We are seeking volunteers and sponsorship donations to get the first issue published.  Please visit the get involved or donations page for more detail on how you can help. Coming soon –


  • The Tipping Voice

    [ Health Care + Media/Journalism + Technology ]

    …Check Back Soon For Project Description & Updates…

    The Tipping Voice project is founded upon the “tipping point” concept that once a critical point of inflection is achieved through the collective and collaborate intelligence of many, then we can leverage that momentum to generate actionable solutions to effect positive change and impact on our health system.  We call this point of inflection “The Tipping Voice”.  Its time for you to BE The Tipping Voice!

    The Tipping Voice project initiative is designed to help address the global crisis occurring in health care today where – costs are escalating beyond reason, disparities in care and access are growing wider, inefficiencies surpass any logic, and the number of underprivileged individuals is growing at unprecedented rates.

    In brief, The Tipping Voice is an annual, invite-only conference created to capture and share the world-changing, breakthrough ideas and moments in health care presented by world-renowned thought leaders.  More details to come…

    “World-changing ideas in health care.”

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