Our Origins

Our Origins…a world-changing idea is born

The concept of a self-sustaining, charity-driven health care marketplace had its originations in early 2007 when Dr. Gulati began observing the value that could be realized by cross-pollinating business principles from diverse industries to drive innovation.  Examples were flourishing in many private and public sector businesses, but had not yet been identified nor experimented in the health care space.  Having a keen desire to devote his philanthropic efforts towards serving the under privileged in health care, Dr. Gulati strongly believed that such a melting-pot model could prove to be invaluable to helping those who need health care worldwide and are less fortunate than you and I.

To develop Global Voices of Health, Dr. Gulati creatively applied his in-depth understanding and experiences within medicine, public health, and health care business to create a venture driven philanthropic organization to help fund innovative ideas with a sustainable impact.  To date, Dr. Gulati has relied upon his vast network of individuals and resources to efficiently build and operate Global Voices of Health to where it is today.  The first 2 projects (The Tipping Voice and The Wapozi Project) are the brainchild of Dr. Gulati from which he hopes to establish a sound platform upon which the organization can continue to develop and attract innovative philanthropic projects from the global community.

Although the idea for Global Voices of Health was conceived by Dr. Gautam Gulati, the actual credit should be re-directed to those individuals who have provided him with encouragement, support, and advice to help refine the non-profit charitable model and make it a reality by their self-less contributions.

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