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“This is an excellent way … to combine the efforts of many and organize ideas into a united front. I congratulate you on this innovative initiative and am ready to help as best as I can.”

Luis Ruiz, MD

“Gautam Gulati — he is an amazing person who wants to do great work and give back — in a smart way!!!”

Amita Vyas, PhD

“What wonderful work you have taken on. I like both projects you have begun.” 

Curtis Aubry


Circle of Friends

Gargi Saha

Selene G. Parekh, MD,MBA

Zankhna Parekh

Amita Vyas, PhD

Jitendre Vyas

Jim Debetta

Luis G. Ruiz, MD

Jaye Noel-Ruiz, MD

Mital Shah, MBA

Tejas Patel, MPH 

Charlene Gamaldo, MD

Reza Ghafoorian, MD, JD

Aruna Uppuluri, MD

Jigna Gulati

Roopa Gulati-Rao, DDS, MS

Vivek Rao

Rakesh Agarwal, MD

Gauri Gulati Agarwal, MD

Sushma Saluja

Anita Gupta

Uday Gupta, MBA

John Hecklinger

Suji Goudar

David Sasaki

Ethan Zuckerman

Veronica Walsh

Curtis R. Aubry

Rajiv Thakkar, MD

Michael Tal Sharon

Ryan Foster

Peter Danyi, MD, MPH

Montez Anderson, MD

Nirmal Nijjar

Ben Bergman

Cindy Palusamy, MBA

Trent Sorensen

Hetu Parekh, MD

Joseph B. Whitebread, Jr.

Surendar Dwarakanathan, MD

Beejal Shah, MD

Jim DeBetta

Shalini Sood, MD  

Avi Holchendler, MD  

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Become a Friend of Global Voices of Health and show your support simply by emailing with subject heading “a friend of GVOH“. We will keep you up-to-date regarding our latest initiatives and progress.  The names of our friends will be recognized on this page as a Thank You!

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