Global Voices of Health is a non-profit health care organization founded and chaired by Dr. Gautam Gulati to help serve the health care needs of individuals around the world.  Through various charitable project initiatives, the organization is dedicated to giving every individual a prominent voice and opportunity to contribute their world-changing ideas towards making a positive impact in health care globally.

Our Mission

To ignite innovation in philanthropy at the intersection of disciplines.

Our Goals

Our goals are to:

  • give every individual a prominent voice in health care to develop actionable solutions to pressing health care issues encountered around the world;
  • foster, encourage, and support health care innovations through community input and involvement ;
  • raise awareness and charitable funds to help continue the goals and missions of the medical NGOs seeking to make a positive, progressive impact serving the underprivileged.


Global Voices of Health is creating an innovation marketplace for philanthropreneurs to launch and fund their charitable project ideas to address critical healthcare needs around the world.  

Our projects are defined by the value obtained from the convergence of health care with other industry segments to drive innovative sustainable charitable solutions for those in need.

Each selected project is hand-picked by a group of advisors from submissions received by philanthropreneurs seeking to make a sustainable impact in healthcare.

To view a list of the projects currently underway, click here!

Get Involved!

  • We are actively seeking a Co-Chair to help spearhead our projects and to help guide our strategic initiatives for Global Voices of Health. If interested or know of anyone who may like to get involved, please send an email directly to DrGautamGulati@gmail.com.
  • We are also currently seeking volunteers for various positions willing to contribute their skills and resources towards a successful execution of our mission.
  • At this time, we are now accepting commitments for tax-deductible sponsorship donations at varying amount levels to help support the current projects underway.
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